Dear authors!

We inform you that from 01.01.2020 the journal “ScienceRise” is published in Estonia (EU). All property and non-property rights are transferred to the scientific publishing house Scientific Route, OÜ (Estonia, EU) –
The journal “ScienceRise” continues to be published. The title and ISSN do not change.

We inform you that all archives edition for 2014-2019 will be stored in the open access on the website –

Thanks to all our authors who for 5 years created the image and history of the journal.

Sincerely, editorial of journal “ScienceRise”, Ukraine.

The mission of the «ScienceRise» scientific journal is transparently determined from its name. That is, the main goal of the journal is assisting scientists who begin their journey in science, in the bold expression of their ideas, scientific thoughts on their views.

It is not a secret for anybody that many of the leading scientific publishers of the world are very cautious about the perception of too revolutionary ideas expressed in articles. This is understood and justified by the policy, because sometimes the publication of too bold ideas and concepts that do not have a convincing evidence base yet can damage the image of the publications. And who as young people are the initiators of such ideas, although they do not yet have experience in science! Therefore, the author's community is formed, consisting mainly of a number of leading scientists, among whom young people find it difficult to immediately find their place. Unfortunately, it happens that leading scientists forget about their mission – to transfer their knowledge and experience of young people in order to support those who begin their scientific ascent. And you should always remember yourself n years ago in order to understand that an article written by a young scientist can’t compete with an article written by a professor with many years of experience. But some time will expire, and this young man will also become a professor, an outstanding scientist ... Indeed, if at the stage of formation you don’t kill its desire to do science.

Therefore, the editorial of the «ScienceRise» journal, as a multidisciplinary journal, opens up opportunities, first of all, for young people to publish their works, which allow them to boldly highlight their scientific views. Undoubtedly, every article submitted to the editor, peer reviewed. But reviewers who join this process are familiar with the policy of the publication and do not impose their opinion, leaving the space for free expression by the authors of their views. And in order to stimulate the development of scientific thought, the editors publish constructive criticism on one or another article in the journal’s pages.

Through such a policy of publication, the author of the article can be sure that its “scientific flight” at the start will not be ruthlessly interrupted by a super-principle “blind reviewer”. But more experienced colleagues, tolerantly and pedagogically express their critical views because of its publication on the pages of the same journal. This is, according to the editors, a manifestation of the highest degree of democratism of the publication process and the only way to effectively transfer scientific experience from leading to young scientists.

Therefore, we invite you all to express your scientific views on the pages of the «ScienceRise» journal in the form of your articles, or in the form of criticism and discussion.

Therefore, we will consider the mission fulfilled if there is a lively exchange of scientific ideas on the journal’s pages. For our part, all the requirements have been created for this, because «ScienceRise» journal is an open access journal, and the editors work with the authors and critics in a dialogue mode.

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