Author Guidelines

1. The page format - A4

2. Font - Times New Roman

3. Font size - 14

4. Interval - 1,5

5. Indentation - 1.25 mm

6. Vyrvnivanie - justified

7. Fields document - 20 mm

8. Amount - from 10 to 30 pages

9. Article Language: Ukrainian, Russian, English, Polish, French, German

Structure of the article


• TITLE OF THE ARTICLE (English, Russian, Ukrainian)

• Full name of the authors (English, Russian, Ukrainian)

• Abstract (50-70 words; English, Russian, Ukrainian)

• Keywords (10 words; English, Russian, Ukrainian) 


Sections of the paper

1. Introduction
2. Literature review

3. Aim and research problems

4. Main part (lead name that reflects the essence of the work)

5. Results of the research

6. Conclusions

• References (decorate under DSTU 8302:2015)
• References (decorate under standart APA)
• Information about the authors in the language of the article (name, position, title, affiliation, phone number and E-mail)
• Information about the authors in English

Making figures / tables

1. Figures/ tables given in article, without wrapping
2. Titles of tables and figures are also the signature in the text (Table 1, Fig. 1)
3. All images must be in JPG format
4. A table should not be empty cells

Pay attention! The printed version of the magazine comes out in black and white

Making a list of uses of literature

1. Links to the sources used are written as they use in the text in square brackets [1, 2]. Hyperlinks are not allowed
2. Bibliografy list written up at the end of the article according to DSTU 8302:2015 and standart APA



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