Submission of an article for publication in the journal "ScienceRise"

1. Contents article requirements (link)

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When submitting a manuscript to the editor, please send a letter to the e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  as follows:

Dear Editors! 

Please find enclosed for your review an original research article, “____________” by ________________________ All authors have read and approved this version of the article. No part of this paper was published or submitted elsewhere. No conflict of interest exits in the submission of this manuscript. We appreciate your consideration of our manuscript for possible publication in journal "Technology Audit and Production Reserves", and we look forward to receiving comments from the reviewers

On behalf of all authors of this manuscript,

  • file of the article 
  • signed a license agreement (example
  • For authors who are not nationals of Ukraine, requires a license agreement, in the form shown below. Signature of the author (s) must be stamped HR institution where the author (authors) works or printing department. Sample attached (download example
  • whether you need a hard copy with your article (specify quantity of journal print) 
  • the address to send the printed copy of the magazine (must match the address specified in paragraph 6.2 of the license agreement)
  • The columns, which is equal to subject your article (selected from the columns of journal)
  • Recommendation of Doctor of Science (if Doctor of Science is absent among authors of article): specify the full name of Doctor of Science in Ukrainian; print the page of article with information about authors and the recommendation of the doctor of sciences with a signature.

3. Submit an article in the form below

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Автор (коллектив авторов), подавая рукопись в редакцию журнала "ScienceRise",
соглашается со всеми требованиями к оформлению, подаче рукописи статьи и оплате
и несет полную ответственность в случае нарушения этих требований