Submission of an article for publication in the journal "ScienceRise"

1. Contents article requirements (link)

2. Send to E-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it :

  • file of the article 
  • signed a license agreement (example
  • For authors who are not nationals of Ukraine, requires a license agreement, in the form shown below. Signature of the author (s) must be stamped HR institution where the author (authors) works or printing department. Sample attached (download example
  • whether you need a hard copy with your article (specify quantity of journal print) 
  • the address to send the printed copy of the magazine (must match the address specified in paragraph 6.2 of the license agreement)
  • The columns, which is equal to subject your article (selected from the columns of journal)
  • Recommendation of Doctor of Science (if Doctor of Science is absent among authors of article): specify the full name of Doctor of Science in Ukrainian; print the page of article with information about authors and the recommendation of the doctor of sciences with a signature.

3. Submit an article in the form below

4. Checkout publication (link)



Автор (коллектив авторов), подавая рукопись в редакцию журнала "ScienceRise",
соглашается со всеми требованиями к оформлению, подаче рукописи статьи и оплате
и несет полную ответственность в случае нарушения этих требований